Programme 2nd MENA Billet Import Conference

08:30 - 09:30


09:30 - 11:30

Session 1: Billet Versus Scrap Competition. Billet demand and import perspectives in Turkey, GCC and Egypt

  • Mr. AndreyPupchenko, Deputy Managing Director, Metal Expert, Ukraine - MENA Billet Market Development & Outlook
  • Mr. George Matta, Marketing Director, Ezz Steel, Egypt - The Long Products Markets In North Africa: Recent Trends & Short Term Outlook
  • Prof. Keyvan Jafari Tehrani, Head of International Affairs, IROPEX, Iran - Iron ore self-sufficiency as an advantage of Iranian steel exporter
  • Mr. Zohair Al Zawad, Business Strategy – Investment planning Manager, SABIC – Metals SBU, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Billets Market. Facts, Challenges and Opportunities


11:30 – 12:00



Session 2: Prospects of billet export from the CIS, China and Iran

  • Ms. Olga Grygoryeva, Agent, C&D Material, China - Trends & prospects of billet export from China to GCC region
  • Mr. Viktor Vukusic, General Manager, Metinvest International SA Gulf Branch, UAE - Dynamics of billets exports from CIS to MENA Region
  • Mr. Ehsan Dashtianeh, DM Deputy in Sales and Marketing, ESFAHAN STEEL CO. (ESCo), Iran - Iran steel in focus
  • Mr. Bahman Tajali Zadeh, Managing Director Deputy of Sales & Marketing, Khouzestan Steel Co., Iran -KSC:Billet and slab export to MENA region

14:00 – 15:00

Lunch - Italian Restaurant (24th floor)


Panel Discussion

1. What do you think about billet market perspectives for this year?

2. Chinese steel exports hit a record high in 2015. Shipments of Chinese billets help MENA re-rollers strengthen their positions in the region. What is your opinion about the role of China and its influence on the MENA market in the future?

3. Will CIS billet exporters manage to maintain their share in the MENA market amid stiffer competition?

4. What are chances of Iranian billet suppliers increasing their share in the MENA market after sanctions removal?

5. Low oil prices restrain steel consumption growth in GCC. What is your estimate for GCC steel consumption in 2016-2017?

6. What are perspectives of new trade barriers implementation and import duty increase for finished products in GCC?


Networking Buffet